TPO 2" Focal Reducer - 0.5X

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  • Connects to 2" nosepieces for CCD cameras and 2" threads on 2" camera adapters
  • Fits most 2" eyepieces for visual use
  • A 2" thread inside to connect with most 2" filters
  • Outside thread is M48 x 0.75.

TPO 2" Focal Reducer - 0.5X

The TPO 2" f/5 Focal Reducer will help to lower the focal ratio of your optics. The outside thread connection of M48 x 0.75 will fit most 2" eyepieces for visual use, too! Now you can connect your CCD camera and any 2" threaded camera adapter, just by using the TPO 2" Focal Reducer. Guess what? It even allows the connection of most 2" filters, too!


TPO Product Number: FR2

Additional Information

Accessory TypeReducer
Focal Length Reduction Nominal
Free ShippingYes
Optical CoatingsFully Multi Coated
Warranty2 Year Warranty

Questions & Answers

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  • What is the length from center of reducer lens to imaging focal point for exactly 0.5x magnification? I see some that are 79mm and such. Just trying to figure out spacers. thanks

    The manufacturer has not stated the exact spacing, but from research I have done it seems that you would get exactly 0.5x magnification at a working distance of approximately 53mm from the M48 threads to the focal plane.

  • Any Idea how small the image circle is with this reducer?

    The manufacturer does not give any specifications, but given the fact that it is a reducer rather than a reducer-corrector the corrected field for imaging can't be larger than around 10-12mm when used on an f/10 SCT at ideal spacing, although the ill

  • Will this work well with the TPO 8" RC for imaging?

    No, this reducer is designed just for visual use or imaging on f/10 SCT's with very small CCD sensors. There is another TPO RC reducer which is designed to work with sensors up to 15mm in diameter on an f/8 RC telescope:

  • Will this reducer work with the TPO Newtonians?

    This reducer is not designed for fast Newtonians, and even if it comes to focus will not give a sharp image across the eyepiece. This reducer works better with slower refractor or Cassegrain designs.

  • Will the get-a-grip handles fit a meade lx90 12" sct?

    Unfortunately not. The fork arms on the LX90's are thinner than those on the LX200s and so their handles are mounted differently and the upgraded handles are just for the heavier duty LX200 forks.

  • Will this fit the back of a Celestron SCT (9.25" OTA, not an Edge)?

    This reducer will not connect to the back of your telescope. However, it will attach to a 2" nosepiece on an eyepiece or camera, which can then be slid into a diagonal (which comes with the scope) or a 2" receiver adapter that you would need to purchase

  • Should the TPO focal reducer work well with the Orion ED80T CF Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope?

    This reducer was designed for ~f/10 Cassegrains with the reducer threaded directly onto the eyepiece. This cannot reach focus with a diagonal on the refractor you mention, and it is not designed for large sensors as it is not a reducer/flattener.

  • Should the TPO focal reducer work well with the Orion ED80T CF Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope?

    Your answer means that it could be used with a refractor with 2" thread with no diagonal and a little sensor camera?

  • Would this be too heavy to use on the Skyprodigy Mount?

    It's at the upper limit, but as Celestron sells a version of the SkyProdigy with a 6" SCT, they believe it to be usable. I would recommend using it in an area free of wind or vibrations and only for visual use on this mount (too heavy for even simple ast

  • I just bought this reducer for my celestron 8sct what do i need to connect to the back of the telescope for astrophotography(DSLR)?

    This reducer is not a corrector, so while you can use it with your DSLR the stars will not be sharp all the way to the corners. You can help with this somewhat by focusing on a star off to one side in the frame rather than in the center to moderate the e

  • I have an AT6RC and an Orion G-3 color camera. Will this work or are there other Pt.#'s that will? I'd like to reduce this much if possible as F/9 is pretty tight on DSO's.Thank you!

    This might work due to the small size of the sensor on the G3 and the very flat field of the RC6, but the reducer will not work well if you ever get a camera with a larger sensor. A better bet long term would be the Astro-Physics CCDT67 (AP-CCDT67), whic

  • Which CCD/CMOS diameter or diagonal diameter size this reducer fits? Up to ... ?

    This reducer works with 2" eyepieces, filters, and 2" nose pieces.

  • Which CCD/CMOS diameter or diagonal diameter size this reducer fits? Up to ... ?

    This does NOT answer question: Which CCD/CMOS diameter or diagonal diameter size this reducer fits?

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