Telrad Pulsar

Brand: Telrad

SKU : TR-2010

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Product Details

  • Telrad "Pulsar" 2010 Pulse Control

    Have you ever wished your Telrad Reflex Finder's illuminated bulls eye could "pulse" to help relieve eye fatigue and promote spotting of fainter objects? Now it can. With just a few simple household tools, you can install the Telrad "Pulsar" 2010 Pulse Control Kit right into your existing Telrad and make it so.

    Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you can easily install the Telrad Pulsar in just a few minutes. Begin by drilling two holes in the side of the Telrad finder body and replace the standard battery compartment. Once installed, the original control knob still controls the power and brightness, and the new variable speed control knob of the Telrad Pulsar will control the pulse speed of the reticule image. This allows you the freedom to choose from fast or slow pulses, to having the reticule constantly on. The choice is up to you! Not only will the Telrad Pulser extend the life of your Telrad's batteries, but it will make spotting fainter stars and objects much easier.

    Telrad "Pulsar" 2010 Pulse Control Features

    • Pulse Control Kit includes everything needed but household tools.
    • Operates directly from existing batteries - no extras required.
    • Easy installation and instructions included.
  • specifications

    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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