Teleskop Service M48 / EOS Filter Changer

Brand: Teleskop Service


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Product Details

  • The TS Optics filter changer for Canon EOS cameras is a M48 Wide T-ring and filter changer all in one. You can use your DSLR camera like before but you now have the option to add a full size filter without altering the back focus. The filter can be exchanged without touching the camera!

    Use in astrophotography:

    • If the camera's original IR cut filter has been removed, a separate IR filter can be used
    • You can insert contrast enhancing filters like UHC, Deep Sky, Nebula filters
    • Enhanced RGB imaging is possible by using narrow-band color filters (see accessories)

    Adaptation to correctors and telescopes (M48x0.75)

    At the telescope side, the filter drawer has a female M48 thread. With the optical length of 9 mm plus 1 mm for the steel spacer, the same length as a standard 2" ring is achieved.

    Many correctors have a relatively long T-thread that may intrude the filter drawer and possible cause problems with the filter change. Here, we used the 1mm spacer (see accessories) to prevent this problem.

    Which unmounted filters can be used?

    TS offers two drawers for the filter changer: one for 36mm filters and one for 50 / 50.4 mm filters. For APS-C cameras, 36mm filters are sufficient so the smaller TSFES36 can be used. For full size DSLR sensors, we recommend the TSFES50. Both are listed in the accessories section.

  • specifications

    Back Focus10mm
    Camera/Eyepiece Side ConnectionCanon EF Mount
    Filter ShapeRound
    Filter Size50mm
    Filter Slots1
    Scope Side ConnectionFemale M48x0.75
  • included items

    • M48 Filter changer
    • one filter drawer for 50mm unmounted filters

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