Teleskop Service Geoptik Adapter for EOS to T2 Thread w/ 0.25" Tripod Foot

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Teleskop Service Geoptik Adapter for EOS to T2 Thread w/ 0.25" Tripod Foot

Teleskop Service Geoptik Adapter for Canon EOS Lenses to T2 Thread w/ 0.25" Tripod Foot

Connect most CCD camera models with all Canon EOS lenses as well as lenses compatible with the Canon EOS bayonet that have been manufactured by other companies with this Geoptik adapter. Modifies EOS into standard T2 thread. Using the 0.25" thread at the base of this adapter, this system can be adhered to a camera tripod or piggybacked onto a telescope.

This adapter has an effective optical length of 19mm, leaving an adequate amount of back focus for nearly all CCD cameras and C-Mount cameras. Most of these cameras only necessitate 12-19mm of back focus. An appropriate T2 extension tube may need to be employed between the camera and this adapter to achieve ideal distance between the lens and the camera.

Teleskop Service Geoptik Adapter for EOS to T2 Thread w/ 0.25" Tripod Foot Specifications...


  • Canon EOS bayonet with locking ring
  • T2 male thread (M42 x 0.75)
  • 19 mm effective optical length (does not cover the length of the T2 male thread)
  • 35 mm clear aperture
  • 0.25" camera thread and 3 x M5 thread for tripod or telescope adaptation


Note: Image with the camera and lens attached are for demonstration purposes only.  (Sold separately)


Accessory TypeAdapters & Accessories
Adapter Side ACanon EOS Bayonet
Adapter Side BM42 T Thread
ManufacturerTeleskop Service

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  • Will this adapter work with canon eos lens and an Altair ccd 183 c camera?

    Yes this item will work with your gear. Canon lens's have a back focus of 44mm. Subtract 19mm for the adapter and 17.5mm the cameras back focus and you will need approx 7.5mm of extension. (you can be within 1mm or so of tolerance and still reach focus) f

  • What adapters/extenders would I need to connect a eos 50 mm lens to atik 314l with Geoptik adapter?

    Good day and thanks for asking. There is no additional equipment required to connect the Geoptik to any camera with T threads, such as the Atik mentioned. The EOS lens will connect to the EOS lugs on the camera side of the Geoptik.

  • Will it also accept 2" filters inside

    Unfortunately, there is nowhere to mount a 2" filter inside this adapter. T2 thread or 1.25" filters could be used, depending on your CCD or CMOS camera.

  • Can this mount to a Losmandy "D" style dovetail? And would there be any vignetting with an APS-C style camera sensor?

    Yes, this will mount to pretty much any dovetail, but you will only be able to use a single 1/4"-20 screw to keep it in place (like a telephoto lens tripod foot). To avoid vignetting, you will have to unthread the 1.25" filter adapter inside the adapter

  • Do you know if the QHY10 CCD Camera would work with this?

    Yes, the QHY10 camera has a backfocus of 20mm or approximately 23-24mm with the rotation adapter and the Geoptic adapter has a backfocus of 19mm. You need to add a spacer to get to approximately 44mm total including the camera and Geoptic adapter for Can

  • Do you carry the Nikon version?

    We do carry the Nikon version of this lens adapter as part# TS-30A191 for $153.95. This item is not on the website at the moment, so please call us to check current stock.

  • It's not clear from the diagram - does this adapter allow you to screw in 1.25" filters to allow for use with a mono CCD + NB or RGB filters?

    This adapter lets you screw in one 1.25" filter at a time behind the lens. Normally this would be for a light pollution or H-alpha filter for a one shot color CCD camera, but if you refocused between each filter, you could use this for R, G and B filters

  • Is there a Vixen style dovetail with two bolt holes at each end which can bolt directly to the rings without the bridge plate? Or is it necessary to bolt the Vixen dovetail to the bridge plate?

    At the moment, Takahashi does not sell any refractor rings that can be adapted to a Vixen dovetail easily, and doing this at all this would require the bridge plate as the holes on the rings are wider than the Vixen rail. There are other 125mm rings that

  • Please recommend which TV mount is best for this scope ?

    The TeleVue Gibraltar mount is the most stable mount that TeleVue makes for their 101mm and 127mm scopes: As it is alt-azimuth and not motorized, this mount is strictly for visual u

  • what material are the mirrors made of?

    According to Officina Stellare, they use a low expansion borosilicate optical glass in the mirrors of the RiDK and RiLA scopes and the structures and correcting lenses for these scopes were designed to minimize the resulting focus shift due to temperature

  • Will this newer upgraded model IDAS LPS-D1 (formerly the IDAS LPS-P2) work using my UN-Modified Canon 450D? Thanks Don

    This filter will work very well with an unmodified camera. I have been using the older LPS-P2 filter for 4 years with my unmodified Canon 5D Mk II (2" filter for telescopes and 77mm for lenses) and except for a slight bluish color shift I can correct in P

  • Can you get the latest model that support filters

    This model has female 1.25" threads on the inside diameter of the barrel. You will be able to easily add 1.25" filters on the inside (lens side) of the barrel as long as you use EF lenses.

  • Can you get the latest model that support filters

    Neither our website nor the manufacturer's website state this, but the last batch of Geoptik adapters we got did had internal 1.25" thread adapters.