Teleskop Service 1.0x Flattener for RC Telescopes - Full-sized M68 Connection

Brand: Teleskop Service


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  • Corrector can work with all f8 RC telescopes, including Officina Stellare, CFF, GSO, TS, or AstroTec
  • Long working distance of 89.5 mm works with filter wheels or off-axis guiders with individual adaptions from the M69x1 internal thread on the camera side
  • Field flattening that works with both full formant and large format sensors

Product Details

  • The Teleskop Service 1.0x Flattener for RC Telescopes - Full-sized M68 Connection is for all RC telescopes at f/8 which have a 2.5-inch or larger focuser attached. This flattener corrects the field without altering the focal length. It has a clear aperture of 60 mm allowing full illumination of full-frame sensors when properly installed.

    This corrector provides a generous working distance of 89.5 mm from the female M69x1 thread on the camera side. TS-Optics offers all necessary adapters for attaching your camera with the optimal distance. See below for connection examples.

    • Connecting DSLR Cameras - In order to connect a DSLR and astro camera with an M48x0.75 thread, you can use the adapter M69A-M48A. You will have exactly 55 mm from the M48 thread to the sensor position. This equates to a T-ring and DSLR camera.
    • Connecting Zeiss Style M68x1 Adapters System - The adapter M69a-M68a provides an M68x1 connection to the TSRCFLAT3. The working distance from the M68 thread to the sensor is 84.2 mm, so you have enough space for your adaption. 
    • Connecting the M48x0.75 Adapter System - Almost any OAG and many filter wheels have the M48 connection at the telescope side, or can at least be adapted to this thread. With the adapter M69-M48, you will get a very short transition to M48 with only 1 mm length.
    • Extension Tubes for Female M69x1 Thread - In order to maintain the optimal illumination, one should adapt to smaller threads as late as possible. For this application, TS-Optics also offers a 30 mm and 10 mm extensions. They are screwed directly into the camera side thread and will reduce the remaining working distance correspondingly.

    The TSRCFLAT3 has a male M68x1 thread on the telescope side, and TS-Optics offers adaptions for all established focusers. Particularly important is the adaption to the female M69x1 thread of the MONORAIL focusers of TS-Optics, AstroTec, GSO, and RC telescopes. In order to adapt the TSRCFLAT3 to the focusers, you need:

    • M69a-M68a - adapter to the male M68x1 thread
    • M68i-M68i - conversion adapter from male to female M68x1 thread
    Other Important Specs
    • Connection at the telescope side: M68x1 (Male) - 5mm Length
    • Connection at the camera side: M69x1 (Female)
    • Cell Diameter: 74mm
    • Weight: 300g
    • Length without adapter and connection thread: 42mm
  • specifications

    Camera/Eyepiece ConnectionFemale M69x1
    Scope Side ConnectionMale M68x1
  • included items

    • Teleskop Service 1.0x Flattener for RC Telescopes - Full-sized M68 Connection

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