Teleskop Service 2-inch NP T2 Adapter - Low Profile

Brand: Teleskop Service


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Product Details

  • Teleskop Service 2" NP T2 Adapter - Low Profile

    The TS FA 2 adapter fits into all 2" focusers or visual backs. It has a T2 male thread for the adaptation of SLR cameras or other accessories using the T-2 thread.The FA2 is primarily made for photographical applications requiring a low profile adaptation from 2" to T2. For this the TSFA2 has only about 3mm optical length. SLR cameras can be attached using common T2 rings.Safety UndercutThe safety undercut prevents the FA2 from accidentally dropping out of the focuser in case the locking screw hasn't been fully tightened.2" Filter ThreadYou can screw 2" filters or other parts using the 2" filter thread (M48x0.75) into the FA 2 adapter. This allows you to use nebular filters or city-light reduction filters for imaging.Specifications:
    • Adaptation on the telescope side: 2" Barrel / M48x0.75 (2" filter thread) female
    • Adaptation on the camera side: T2 (M42x0.75) male thread
    • Optical length: approx. 3mm
    • Black anodized
    • Maximum clear aperture
    • complete length without T2 thread ... 38.2mm
    Teleskop Service Product Number: TSFA2
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