Teleskop Service 2" Flip Mirror System & Off Axis Guider - M48/T2

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Product Details

  • Teleskop Service 2" Flip Mirror System & Off Axis Guider - M48/T2

    The TS 2" / T2 Flip Mirror and Off Axis Guiding System - with 360 rotation - is one of the most versatile solutions for multiple connections. It's designed for observation and imaging with free adjustable large side viewing port.Teleskop Service has broken new ground and developed a completely new alternative to classical Flip Mirror Systems. Not only the short design, but also the versatile use.

    Fields of Use

    Flip Mirror: Here, no mirror is "flipped" but a large prism is placed onto the optical axis for 90 viewing position. In straight-through mode, the prism is pulled outward and leaves the optical path free. Center the object with the 90 viewing position, pull out the prism and capture the now centered object with your camera or observe it with a high-power eyepiece.

    Off Axis Guider:The prism is placed at the rim of the optical field. Now the autoguider can "see" stars outside the camera's field of view. This application is recommended for sensors up to approx. 30mm diameter (APS-C). The flip mirror is rotatable by 360 making finding a guide star easy.

    The TSFlip is suitable for the following telescopes

    As it only needs 35.5 mm back focus, its compatibility is by far higher than conventional flip mirror systems. Refractor telescopes, Schmidt Cassegrains, RC and Mak telescopes can be used with the TSFlip without problems. With Newtonians, the back focus must be long enough (TSFlip itself needs 35.5 mm).

    Necessary back focus for visual observation or photography with CCD cams / web cams: 75 mm. The necessary back focus is calculated by the back focus of the TSFlip itself and the length of the sideward viewing terminal. This is true for both modi (Flip Mirror or Off Axis Guider).

    Necessary back focus for photography with (D)SLR cameras: min. 82 mm. The necessary back focus is calculated by the optical length of the TSFlip and the back focus of the SLR camera (35.5 mm + min. 46 mm for the SLR camera). With a classical T2 adapter, 10mm have to be added.

    How can I measure the back focus of my telescope?

    Back focus means the "spare travel" of your focuser. Just place a standard eyepiece (without diagonal etc.) in your focuser and focus a celestial object (or one that's at least 1 km away). Then, measure the way the focuser could travel inside. That's your back focus. That's how the TSFlip works. A multi-coated prism guides the light by 90 out of the system. When inserted, the prism sits exactly in the middle of the optical path. So you see exactly the same object in the middle as the camera does after the prism has been pulled outside. So it's easy to center an object for your camera or high-power eyepiece. If the prism is pulled out partially, it can still collect off-axis light rays to be used for guiding. So you also have a fully functional Off-Axis-Guider.

    Focusing the sideward terminal

    First, focus the camera or eyepiece that sits in the straight-through position. Then (without touching the telescope's focuser) focus the 90 eyepiece or camera by loosening the top screw beneath the T2 thread and slide the adapter up or down. Then, tighten the screw again. Now both eyepieces / cameras are in focus.

    TSFlip connection threads: Thanks to the popular standard threads, the TSFlip can be connected to nearly all telescopes:

    • Telescope side: female M48x0.75mm (2" filter thread) - 360 rotatable
    • Camera side: male T2 (M42x0,75) - 360 rotatable
    • 90 terminal: male T2 (M42x0,75)
    Adapter recommendations for telescope connection:
    • TSVF230 - for standard 2" focusers
    • TSSC-M48 - for SC back ends
    • BA2458110 - for T2 back ends
    Adapter recommendations for the T2 terminals:
    • TST2-1-T2L - for 1" accessories
    • TST2-2 - for accessories with 2" nosepiecese
    • T2-CS - for cameras with C mount thread
    • T2-EOSs - short adaptation for Canon EOS cameras
    Technical details:
    • Telescope side thread: M48x0.75mm (2" Filter thread)
    • Straight-through and 90 terminal: M42x0.75mm (T2 thread) - 360 rotatable
    • Optical length: 35.5 mm (male T2 thread not taken into account)
    • Distance from prism center to 90 T2: 46 ... 55 mm
    • Distance from M48 thread to prism center: 17.8 mm
    • Free aperture of 90 terminal: 16 mm
    • Free aperture of straight-through body: 38mm
    Teleskop Service Product Number: TSFLIP
  • specifications

    Back Focus35.5mm
    Camera/Eyepiece Side ConnectionMale M42x0.75
    Scope Side ConnectionFemale M48x0.75

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