TeleGizmos Solar Cover for Tripods

Brand: TeleGizmos


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  • Designed to give you the best fit and function of any cover available
  • No maintenance requirements
  • The cover can be positioned several ways

Product Details

  • TeleGizmos Solar Telescope Cover for Tripods

    Your cover is designed to give you the best fit and function of any cover available and it will give you several years of service.

    The cover has no maintenance requirements. An occasional cleaning, if needed, can be done with water and a mild soap solution. Do not use chemical solvents on your cover.

    Basic installation of the TGTP tripod cover is achieved by opening the Velcro strip, wrapping the cover around the tripod and then re-fastening the Velcro.

    The cover can be positioned several ways. You can place it low on your mount around the mount's base area. Or, because the cover top opening can be expanded up to a 27 inch circumference, you can place the cover high on you mount to protect sensitive electronics and motor drives from moisture. Using the cover in the manner just described can be done during observing sessions if you are experiencing a particularly heavy dew environment. During observing, reaching tripod accessory trays can be easily achieved by simply opening a portion of the Velcro which will allow you to access eyepiece storage or electronic control pads.

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    • TeleGizmos Solar Cover for Tripods

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