TeleGizmos 365 Series Cover for 5" - 6" Equatorial Refractor Telescopes

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  • Cover major height is 60" high, and its major top line is 60". If you wish to store your telescope with accessories attached, it is recommended you measure before you buy.


TeleGizmos 365 Series Cover for 5" - 6" Equatorial Refractor Telescopes

The Tele Gizmos 365 Series Telescope Cover is designed with one thing in mind... To meet the most demanding equipment coverage needs. Imagine a telescope cover that will withstand outdoor extremities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! What makes the Telegizmo telescope cover unique is the multi layered/dual material design which incorporates the original TeleGizmo Solar Cover material as an inner radiant barrier coupled to an outer cover made of high count, acrylic coated woven polyester.

Let's take a closer look...

Thanks to the inner liner radiant barrier, your equipment doesn't suffer from heat build-up on sunny days. What's more, the solar liner acts as an additional barrier from water penetration. On the outside, the polyester cover layer is the highest quality acrylic coated weave. No sissy material here. This American made fabric offers superior resistance to mildew and stands up against decaying qualities of UV radiation. Add to that exceptional strength and abrasion resistance. Unlike most fabrics, this combination provides less than 1% shrinkage or stretch.

If you're worried about trusting your expensive telescope equipment to just a cover, don't be. TeleGizmo has thoroughly tested their telescope covers above and beyond the call of duty. Can you imagine putting your equipment to the test with a 40 PSI, 1/2" concentrated stream of water? TeleGizmo did... And the telescope inside remained dry. The manufacturer exterior exposure rating for this material is 5 years. A year of strenuous testing in some of the harshest outside environments, including the desert southwest, Florida Keys, Colorado @ 8000 feet and the Texas Hill country has proven the 365 Series to be capable of handling all types of weather on a continuous 24/7, 365 basis. That means your TeleGizom 365 Series Telescope cover will continue to fit year after year after year!

Series 365 covers are warranted for one year from date of purchase including all labor and material. Continuous 24/7, 365 outside (full weather) exposure is covered in this warranty protection. If your cover fails due to either a manufacturing or material defect, TeleGizmos will repair or replace the cover during this warranty period. Proof of purchase required. This warranty is fully transferable. This warranty does not include coverage of normal wear and tear.

Manufacturer Product Number: T3R6


Cover ForRefractor Cover
Cover Or Shroud TypeWeatherproof Covers
Warranty1 Year Warranty

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  • I am looking for a all weather 365 cover for a 5" refractor on an German equatorial mount. The cover MUST cover the scope and completely the tripod to the ground. Do you have a cover like this?

    Unfortunately, not as a single cover. With Astrozap 365 covers you would need this cover and then a separate cover for the tripod (TG-T3TP-S). The manufacturer does not currently make a single cover that tall for a 5" EQ refractor.