TeleGizmos 365 Series Cover for 11" - 14" SCT / ACF / RC on Equatorial Mount

  • Protects your equipment from outdoor extremities all year long!
  • Unique multi-layered/dual material design with an inner radiant barrier paired to an outer cover made of high count, acrylic coated woven polyester. 
  • 1 year warranty.
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TeleGizmos 365 Series Cover for 11" - 14" SCT / ACF / RC on Equatorial Mount

The TeleGizmos - 365 Series Cover for 11-inch to 14-inch SCT / ACF / RC Telescopes on Equatorial Mount

The Tele Gizmos 365 Series Telescope Cover is designed with one thing in mind... To meet the most demanding equipment coverage needs. Imagine a telescope cover that will withstand outdoor extremities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! What makes the Telegizmo telescope cover unique is the multi-layered/dual material design which incorporates the original TeleGizmo Solar Cover material as an inner radiant barrier coupled to an outer cover made of high count, acrylic coated woven polyester. This combination of materials produces an effective cover system capable of providing years of protection - protection that's backed up by a TeleGizmo Warranty.

Let's take a closer look at the secondary image above...

Thanks to the inner liner radiant barrier, your equipment doesn't suffer from heat build-up on sunny days. Additionally, solar liner acts as an additional barrier to water penetration. On the outside, the polyester cover layer is the highest quality acrylic coated weave. This American made fabric offers superior resistance to mildew, stands up against decaying qualities of UV radiation, has exceptional strength, and offers great abrasion resistance. Unlike most fabrics, this combination provides less than 1% shrinkage or stretch. That means your TeleGizom 365 Series Telescope cover will continue to fit year after year after year!

If you're worried about trusting your expensive telescope equipment to just a cover, don't be. TeleGizmo has thoroughly tested their telescope covers above and beyond the call of duty, putting the equipment to the test with a 40 PSI, 1/2-inch concentrated stream of water, and the telescope inside remained dry. The manufacturer's exterior exposure rating for this material is 5 years. A year of strenuous testing in some of the harshest outside environments, (including the desert southwest, Florida Keys, Colorado at 8000-feet, and the Texas Hill country) has proven the 365 Series to be capable of handling all types of weather on a continuous 24/7, 365 basis.

Series 365 covers are warrantied for one year from date of purchase including all labor and material. Continuous 24/7, 365 outside (full weather) exposure is covered in this warranty protection. If your cover fails due to either a manufacturing or material defect, TeleGizmos will repair or replace the cover during this warranty period. Proof of purchase required. This warranty is fully transferable. This warranty does not include coverage of normal wear and tear.

OPT Product Number: TG-T3G2


Warranty1 Year Warranty
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United States United States
TeleGizmos 365 Series

Excellent. This is my second one. The first lasted 5+ years. I recycled the original one into a tripod cover/skirt.

A OPT Telescopes Customer
Michael P.
United States United States
TeleGizmos 365 Series Cover for 11" - 14" SCT

VERY well made. I just had a moderately severe storm in the San Jose area with high winds and a lot of rain and it protected my scope/mount as it should. Telegizmo is a quality company and they made a custom cover for a refractor which stood the test of time and weather. I have no problem recommending this company.

Molly W.
United States United States
Perfect Cover

This is the second one of these I have, now that I have two rigs set up in the backyard. Through weeks of rain, everything underneath stayed bone dry, and through weeks of heat, stayed reasonably cool. Very happy with these covers. For size reference, one is covering my Paramount MyT and Takahashi FSQ-106N, and the other is covering my Celestron AVX with an 8-inch Newtonian astrograph. I have also used the same size one on my Celestron CGE Pro and C11. They nearly reach the ground and cover all of the important bits.

Richard G.
United States United States
Teslescope Tent

This is a very high quality telescope cover and worth every penny. This is a must have for scopes left out overnight.

Chuck M.
United States United States
Excellent quality, perfect fit!

If you are looking for a very stout cover, this is it! I have a Meade 12” LX850 with a piggyback 4” guide scope and a 80mm finder on a HDX110 mount and the cover fits great and goes on easily. Mount is set to 47deg latitude, but don’t see any issues with fit at other latitudes.

Lee W.
Very good product with a few flaws

Being in Minnesota requires a very solid bit of protection for my C-11 and cgem. For the past 3 1/2 years the scope and mount have been under this cover from May until the end of October. It has protected the equipment very well except for a few exceptions. Obviously, this product will not allow a soaking dew from re-forming under it or allow the moisture to evaporate. Many summer mornings I have pulled it off the scope simply to let everything dry out. I have considered a layer of absorbency immediately over the tube and mount but hesitate to have it wrapped with what could ultimately be a damp piece of cloth. The scope and mount have shown no damage so far and it has been well protected in many heavy rain events. It would probably even protect the telescope pretty well in a hailstorm, but I dont want to find out. The other complaint I have is actually noted on the information sheet. The aluminized inner liner is easily damaged by sliding the cover over sharp edged appliances attached to the telescope, particularly the Telrad finder scope. I have had to repair cuts made by this device using some tough metallic construction tape, but I think it's the Telrad that needs to be re-designed rather than this cover.