Tele Vue X-Y Adjustable Mount SCT Kit

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Tele Vue X-Y Adjustable Mount SCT Kit

Televue X-Y Adjustable Mount SCT Kit (AAC-0002)

Use the X-Y Adjustable Mount System for quick installation of the Tele Vue 60 to Schmidt- Cassegrain scopes 8" or larger for use as a "superfinderƒ???????????, or to attach to a Tele Vue Ring Mount.

The AAC-0002 consists of 3-sections (AAM-0001, MBC-1001 & SAB-1001) that can be used in multiple applications.

AAM-0001 X-Y Adjustable Mount

The large knob acts as a pivot for the 2 horizontal adjustment screws, while simultaneously acting as the lock knob for the vertical "jack screw" adjustment. Removing the "stop screws" on the end of the TV-60 dovetail permits easy removal and installation onto the similar AAM-0001 dovetail. Remember to reinstall the "stop screw" for safety after the Tele Vue 60 is mounted.

Note: This mount, without the mounting block and SCT accessory bracket, can attach directly to the slots in the Tele Vue telescope ring mounts, and is also available separately should you only need this piece.

MBC-1001 Mounting Block

When used with the SAB-1001 SCT accessory bracket, this part is normally permanently attached to the X-Y adjustable mount U-channel with 2 #10-32 button head screws.

>SAB-1001 SCT Accessory Bracket

This part should be permanently installed on the desired area of your SCT using screws supplied with the SCT. The plastic knob locks the mounting block (carrying the X-Y adjustable mount) in place. Note the safety stop and safety counterbore for security. Position on SCT so that stop-screw faces eyepiece end of telescope.

Televue - X-Y Adjustable Mount (AAC-0002) Features

  • Includes all the necessary parts to mount a TV-60 telescope onto any Celestron or Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope 8" or larger.
  • X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount fits in the slots on all Televue ring-mounts.
  • Televue TV-60 can easily switched from "stand alone" to "finderscope" application.
  • Mounting Block Adapter attachs to the SCT accessory bracket.
  • The Tele Vue AAC-0002 will not fit the IS version of the TV-60.
  • Five year Televue Warranty

Televue Product Number: AAC-0002


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Warranty5 Year Warranty