Tele Vue T-Ring Adapter - IS to T-Ring

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Tele Vue T-Ring Adapter - IS to T-Ring

Tele Vue Standard T-Ring Adapter - TRG-1072.

Standard T-Ring adapter mates a T-Ring to the Tele Vue Imaging System telescopes and accessories. Optional T-Ring is required.

Please note, if your are using a Canon EOS camera, Tele Vue recommends the Canon Wide T-Adapter (TE-CWT-1070) as it has a larger diameter opening for minimized vignetting.

Tele Vue Product Number: TRG-1072


Adapter TypeT Adapters
Free ShippingYes
ManufacturerTele Vue
Warranty5 Year Warranty

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  • Aloha OPT, For determining back focus spacing/lengths, do you happen to know what the spacing is on this adapter (ie how thick is it )? Looks like it could be around 2mm or 3mm (but hard to tell from the pix). thanks! John

    This adapter is 0.25" (6.3mm) in back focus length.