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  • Tele Vue Sol Searcher Sun Finder

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    Tele Vue Sol Searcher Sun Finder

    The Sol Searcher Sun Finder by Tele Vue:

    "I can't find the Sun!" Sounds funny. However, the Sun is tricky to find in a properly filtered telescope, and you don't ever want to chance a direct gaze, let alone a magnified image of it. 

    Sol-Searcher is the safe and easy way to find the Sun. It is absolutely safe since you don't look through Sol-Searcher, you look at it. The aperture acts as a pinhole which projects an image of the Sun on to the 1/4-inch translucent screen. This screen can be viewed from either side. Simply move your scope until the Sun's image is centered on the screen and the Sun will be in the eyepiece's field of view.

    The Sol-Searcher attaches to the mount ring slot of every Tele Vue telescope (or to the rear cell slot in the Tele Vue Ranger). For use with telescopes other than Tele Vue, mount the Sol-Searcher using #10-32 screws, or if necessary, attach with Velcro (not supplied). Sol Searcher can also be made into a quick-release accessory when mounted on a Quick-release bracket .

    OPT Product Number: TE-SSF-1006

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeFinders
    ManufacturerTele Vue
    Warranty5 Year Warranty

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    • how do i mount this solar finder on a Meade LX 200 telescope?

      This will not directly mount on an LX200 without a couple additional adapters. You need the TeleVue QRD-1006 dovetail adapter and then you need an SCT finder bracket foot from Orion (OR-7215) or similar bracket from another company.

    • what is the weight of this scope?

      The exact weight of the 20" TPO Truss RC has not yet been given by the manufacturer. It requires a mount capable of more than 60lbs capacity

    • what is the weight of this scope?

      I think you meant more than 60kg as the typical RC 20 carbon truss weighs 140 lbs

    • What accessory bracket is needed to mount the Sol Searcher on a V style doveplate?

      The TeleVue TE-QRD-1006 is the part you need to attach to Vixen Style finderscope bracket, but there are no off-the shelf adapters to connect directly to a Vixen Dovetail that would normally go on the bottom of a telescope.

    • Hello, Is it possible to use my modified Canon T3 with this AO model? If so, can I get the spacers/ adapters here (OPT)? Also, what's the model of the optional SX off-axis guider compatible I would have to buy?? Thanks in advanced!!! David Rivas

      Yes, it is possible, though you will have to have a Canon T ring, an SX-Lodestar or Lodestar X2 guide camera and likely a custom spacer for the OAG to get the guide camera into focus. Please contact us for details.

    • What do I need to mount this on an Explore Scientific AR102?

      Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to do this with off the shelf parts. You may need to drill a couply holes in the ring or handle ore use a very stiff double stick tape adhesive. Explore Scientific does not make any hardware to match this s

    • What do I need to mount this on an Explore Scientific AR102?

      I found an adapter from ScopeStuff that works: #S2ES - Explore Scientific/Meade to Synta/Orion/Vixen Finder Adapter

    • What is the spacing between the two holes? (the ones to secure it to a dovetail)

      The spacing is almost exactly 0.75" front to back.