Tele Vue Sky Tour Encoder Kit - Tele Vue

Brand: Tele Vue

SKU : TE-STN-4001

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Product Details

  • Tele Vue SkyTour Encoder Kit for TeleVue Mounts

    The Tele Vue Sky Tour encoder kit is designed for all current Televue mounts, including Telepod, Gibraltar, and Panoramic, but will also fit a variety of other mounts, including altitude-azimuth, German equatorial, fork mount, and equatorial table.

    Just as your computer uses a sensor arrangement to know where the mouse is located, the SkyTour Encoder uses a sensor to understand what position in RA and Dec your telescope is located by use of an encoder placed on either axes - a form of electronic setting circles. This information is then fed back into the optional TeleVue SkyTour computer control and a whole new world opens up... one with an exclusive Lorenzin 2000+ database and an amazing amount of capabilities! Just remember, this is only the sensing unit which includes encoders, hardware, and wiring harness.

    Televue Product Number: STN-4001

    All Televue products are available to ship world-wide from OPT, and effective July 1, 2008, are covered by a Five Year Worldwide Limited Product Warranty! Always be sure to save your original packaging materials should you need to return any Televue product for warranty or repair.

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