Tele Vue Nikon F Wide T Adapter with Bayonet for 2.4"

Brand: Tele Vue

SKU : TE-NWT-2073

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Product Details

  • While Nikon cameras are massively popular with astrophotographers, it can be a tricky process to find the perfect T-ring system. This is due to the fact that typical T-ting / telescope setups do not take advantage of the wide aperture of the bayonet mount, leading to significant vignetting from the constriction of the T-ring opening.

    The Nikon F Wide T Adapter with Bayonet for 2.4" connects to your Nikon F-mount camera in place of the T-ring, providing a whopping 13% greater aperture to minimize vignetting. This adapter can be used with Nikon Z-series mirrorless cameras using an F-to-Z adapter (FTZ) that is available at camera stores.

  • specifications

    Camera/Eyepiece Side ConnectionNikon Bayonet

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