Tele Vue Flat Top Adapter - 2" - 1.25"

Brand: Tele Vue

SKU : TE-ACF-2125

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Product Details

  • The Tele Vue 2-inch to 1.25-inch Flat Top Adapter is a low profile adapter.

    Do you need to step down your 2-inch focuser or star diagonal to accept your 1.25-inch eyepieces? In certain telescope styles such as SCTs, or catadioptrics, there is only a minimal amount of clearance when the eyepiece swings through the drive base and clearance can become an issue. That's why Tele Vue created the Flat Top Adapter.

    This low profile adapter is designed to provide a shorter light path than the standard Tele Vue adapter and provides extra clearance. What's more, the Tele Vue Flat Top Adapter also has a special safety groove machine right in. This deep channel allows the focuser thumbsrew to act as an extra safety guard and reduces the chance of the adapter falling out of the focuser should the thumbscrew loosen. But that's not all... You value your eyepieces and so does Tele Vue. The Flat Top Adapter incorporates a non-marring soft brass clamp ring instead of a thumbscrew to keep your eyepiece barrels looking like new. It's also fixed internally so it can't fall out of the adapter. Good news for those of us who have spent one too many observing nights searching through the grass for a dropped set screw! Back that with a five year manufacturer warranty and you see the Tele Vue Flat Top Adapter is quality through and through.

    OPT Product Number: TE-ACF-2125

    NOTE: If you have a Newtonian reflector, or plan to use the Tele Vue Paracorr, 2-inch PowerMate or 2-inch Big Barlow, you will benefit from the "Flat-Top" Adapter, which allows closer placement of the eyepiece.

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    Warranty5 Year Warranty

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