Tele Vue 5.0x 1.25 Inch PowerMate

  • Excellent for lunar and terrestrial photography with close coupling cameras or CCD imagers.
  • 4-element parfocal compact amplifying lens system.
  • Provides excellent performance with any telescope type or focal ratio.
  • Five year Tele Vue warranty.
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Tele Vue 5.0x 1.25 Inch PowerMate

The Tele Vue 5X PowerMate Image Amplifier in 1.25-inch size is a Pupil-Correcting Extension/ Amplifier!

If you're an eyeglass wearer and have difficulties with ultra high power, then you really need to consider the Tele Vue 5X PowerMate. It's the only way to get high magnifications from your favorite long focal length/long eye relief eyepieces! The 5X PowerMate (#TE-PMT-5126) is a unique new 4-lens image amplifier - not a Barlow lens - and it performs at a higher level of optical correction. The Tele Vue 5X PowerMate is a 4-element parfocal compact amplifying lens system created from a negative achromatic doublet and incorporating a positive "pupil-correcting" doublet. Your pupil can now be located where the eyepiece designer intended, avoiding vignetting and mismatch problems with wide field eyepieces.

"While Barlows are powerful tools, the negative element defining them also limits their ability. The simple negative element Barlow increases eyepiece eye-relief. With short focal length eyepieces the effect is negligible. However, on long focal length eyepieces the exit pupil position moves well beyond the designer's intended position, resulting in vignetting with many eyepieces. This is why "Shorty" Barlows in particular, with their strong negative element often vignette and degrade long focus eyepieces. My 4-element form picks up where the Barlow concept can go no further. PowerMate is a technically universal solution, using a positive field lens to redirect field rays. The result is an exit pupil that stays where the eyepiece designer intended. With freedom from aberrations, greater magnification potential, and compact size, I hope you'll agree PowerMate raises the standard for image amplification." - Al Nagler

The Tele Vue 5X PowerMate Image Amplifier is fully multi-coated, with blackened lens edges and internal anti reflection threading for excellent contrast. Extra features of the 5X PowerMate include a chrome barrel threaded for standard 1.25-inch filters, and an undercut safety groove in the barrel that helps hold the PowerMate in place should the focuser thumbscrew accidentally loosen. Have you ever dropped a thumbscrew in the dark only to never find it again? No more! A non-marring brass clamp ring comes complete with a captive thumbscrew that holds your eyepieces securely in place. The Tele Vue 5X PowerMate is 3.8-inches in length and includes a short chrome barrel that allows it to be used in star diagonals. It is also parfocal with Tele Vue Plossls below 32 mm focal length and is optically corrected down to f/4 for use with fast f/ratio reflectors. You'll find the Tele Vue PowerMate will provide excellent performance with any telescope type or focal ratio. What's more, the it is parfocal with the 1.25-inch diagonal of the Tele Vue Ranger for quick power changes during terrestrial observing.

For astrophotographers, the chrome barrel containing the PowerMate's optics can be removed from the black eyepiece holder section and used for lunar and terrestrial photography with close coupling cameras or CCD imagers. You'll find a chart of magnification tables in our "Gallery" tab. The PowerMate is extremely useful for increasing the photographic magnification with short focal length refractors and optional PowerMate T-ring Adapter is needed to connect the chrome optical portion of the PowerMate to a camera or CCD imager.


OPT Product Number: TE-PMT-5126


Free ShippingYes
WarrantyLifetime Warranty