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Tele Vue 31mm Nagler Type 5 Eyepiece

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Tele Vue 31mm Nagler Type 5 Eyepiece

Televue Nagler Type 5 Eyepieces: With the 31mm, the unique 6-element design using four exotic glasses, maintains the contrast advancement of the Type 4s while achieving a true field area 82% larger than the 22mm Type 4! Owners of fast Dobsonian/Newtonians can enjoy a larger true field, free of secondary shadowing, than ever before. For example, a 12.5 inch, f/4.5 scope with a Paracorr will deliver a 1.5 degree field (3 Moon diameters), at 53x with a 6mm exit pupil. Use our eyepiece calculator to figure out what the 31mm will deliver on your scope.


TeleVue Nagler Eyepieces

"You may know there's a long history of naming eyepieces after their designers: Kellner, Erfle and Plossl, to name a few. In the late '70s I designed an eyepiece sufficiently radical that I dared attach my name to it. Even today, I must admit a little discomfort when talking about 'Nagler' eyepieces. 

With 'Naglers,' my aim is to approach the wide angle perspective of naked eye vision, while maintaining the highest degree of sharpness, contrast, and viewing comfort. The goal is to allow the telescope to virtually 'disappear,' leaving the impact of 'spacewalk' viewing."
 -Al Nagler 

Compare a penny to a half dollar to see the relative size between a 50 degree and 82 degree apparent field - almost 3 times the area difference! And while others boast of impressive apparent field sizes, Tele Vue's philosophy of "showing no field unless it's fine" stresses full field image quality as the ingredient for impressive views. Blackened lens edges, anti-reflection threads and rubber eyeguards deliver maximum contrast. Adapter skirts for 2 inch focusers on larger 1.25 inch models (12mm Nagler Type 4 and 22mm Panoptic) and rubber grip rings are additional Tele Vue "firsts". Even 2 inch/1.25 inch barrel models have an additional feature allowing the 2 inch extension tube (EBX-2120) to be screwed on, which permits use of 2 inch filters as well as 1.25 inch. 100% full field visual inspection on our own flat-field test instruments guarantees the performance of every Tele Vue eyepiece.


OPT Product Number: TE-EN5-31.0



Dust Caps IncludedYes
Eye Guard IncludedYes
Eye Relief19mm & Up
Eyepiece Apparent FOV82 degrees
Eyepiece Eye Relief19mm
Eyepiece Focal Length31mm
Field Stop42mm
Free ShippingYes
Lens Elements & Groups7 elements
ManufacturerTele Vue
ModelTelevue Nagler
Optical DesignNagler
WarrantyLifetime Warranty

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John G.
United States

Fast Delivery, excellent service

I buy a lot of equipment from OPT and have traded-in items. Good knowledgable sales staff.


Incredible eyepiece

I own a 10 f/4.7 dob. I currently own the 31mm type 5, a 17mm type 4, a 13mm type 6 and a 9mm type 6. I would have to say that looking through the 31mm is so incredible you would just have to see it on your own. I am currently looking at northern-hemisphere winter objects, so I can only comment on those, but too look at M31 (Andromeda I can easily resolve the entire galaxy in the 31mm. With my old 25mm plossl I had no idea of the extent of the galaxy, but the 31mm shows dark dust lanes all the way out to the edge of the galaxy. I see structure in m1 (crab nebula, whereas it used to be just a fuzzy cloud with my old optics. m42 (orion nebula is simply amazing, although I prefer the 17mm type 4 for this, because it just fits it into the field of view. For the first time ever for me, I can see greens and blues and on a very dark night two nights ago (estimated LM7 skies I was able to see a ruddy (reddish hue on the edge of m42 -- simply jaw-dropping. Looking at globulars is amazing as well. I love to look at m67 and the 31mm resolves it into 100's of stars. m81 and m82 are simply amazing with the 31mm, but again, I choose the 17mm for these objects because they are both just inside the field of view at a higher magnification. It is a VERY heavy eyepiece (2.2 lbs, so if your dob doesn't have a good tensioning system, you may have problems. I own an orion xt10i, so I have no problems with the weight, but people who don't have a good tensioning system need to carefully evaluate this added weight before purchase. The TeleVue 31mm Nagler type 5 is one of the most conveted eyepieces in the world, and I can see why. If you can afford to spend ~$600 on an eyepiece then you can't go wrong with this one. Amongst other naglers, the 31mm is an eyepiece that any serious astronomer should own!


Holy North America Nebula Batman!

A used 31mm Nagler popped up at OPT at a price I could afford, so I decided to give it a try. The first big test was out in mag 6.2 skies with my 10f5 GSO dob. The purpose of the test was to see if I would be keeping my 35mm panoptic or this new Nagler. Sorry, but I could not afford to keep both. I had always been satisfied with the 35 panoptic, which seemed wider than 68deg. Due to the wider true field, and big eye lens, the 35mm panoptic was even a nice match for my 22mm nagler. As soon as I did a side by side with the 31 Nagler, all bets were off! It only took a few minutes for the decision to be made to keep the Nagler. An 82 degree field at such a low power is an experience to behold. With sharpness to the edge at f5 to boot! (not so with my 30mm widescanIII. A few months later I was at a magnitude 7 site with my TV101 f5.4 petzval apo, and while I was doing a quick goto setup, I noticed a bunch of gas at the edge of the field when centering Deneb, so I panned over to see how much of the North America I could resolve, and my jaw dropped when the entire nebula was visible, along with the pelican, in the same field of view. I had seen the gulf of mexico region, but had never seen the actual top of the nebula visually. The combination of dark skies and excellent optics made this possible, even without filters. Stars were tiny pinpoints all the way to the edge. There is a reason that this eyepiece is so coveted. If you have a big dob, or a widefield refractor, there is no reason NOT to own this eyepiece!


31mm Nagler Type 5

This is the yardstick to which all other wide field eyepieces are measured. The best views I have ever had in any of my scopes, truly the spacewalk of eyepieces. It will affect the balance of your scope so be aware.