Tele Vue 0.8X Reducer - 400mm - 600mm Telescopes

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  • Tele Vue 0.8X Reducer - 400mm - 600mm Telescopes

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    Tele Vue 0.8X Reducer - 400mm - 600mm Telescopes

    The TE-TRF-2008 0.8X 2-Inch Reducer/Flattener for  - 400 mm to 600 mm Telescopes by Tele Vue:


    This reducer converts TV-85 to 480 mm f/5.6 and Pronto to 380 mm f/5.4 for flat field, fast photography. Fully multi-coated 3-element unit inserts directly into 2-inch focuser, accepts standard T-rings for 35 mm cameras. Also it can be used with any 400 to 600 mm refractor.

    Important Note: The Tele Vue 0.8X Reducer/Flattener for 400 mm to 600 mm Telescopes was designed for an optimum 55 mm back focus. (Distance from flange surface to film or CCD plane). If you use a CCD, be sure the spacing between flange and CCD is 56 mm +/-2 mm for best results.

    Tele Vue 0.8X Reducer/Flattener for 400 mm to 600 mm Telescopes Review: "This accessory is a must-have for someone planning to use the TV-85 photographically" - review in Sky & Telescope, July 1999.

    OPT Product Number: TE-TRF-2008


    Note: All Tele Vue products are available to ship world-wide from OPT, and effective July 1, 2008, are covered by a Five Year Worldwide Limited Product Warranty! Always be sure to save your original packaging materials should you need to return any Tele Vue product for warranty or repair.


    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeReducer
    ManufacturerTele Vue
    Warranty5 Year Warranty

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    • Is this the flattener you recommend for the APM 105/650 Super APO Refractor? Thank you.

      This reducer will not properly flatten the field for the APM scope in question as it is designed for smaller and slower f/ratio scopes like the TeleVue 76 and 85 - where it works very well. There are other flatteners by Hotech, Teleskop Service, and othe

    • Would this work well with an Astro-Tech 65 ATQ which has a 420mm focal length at F6.5?

      Unfortunately, no. TeleVue told me that this is a reducer/corrector designed to correct coma and field curvature on small, fast, standard design refractors. With a flat field astrograph like the AT65EDQ, this will add those aberrations back in. You wou

    • Would be a good fit for a combination of an Orion EON 80mm ED (f/6.25 & 500mm) and Nikon D750 (full frame DSLR)? Thanks

      Unfortunately, this reducer will only correct for an APS-C image circle. It does not appear that Orion makes a reducer for the EON 80 that will cover an image circle large enough for the D750, so your best bet will be to use a dedicated field flattener