Takahashi FS-60 Q Tube Holder

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Takahashi FS-60 Q Tube Holder

Takahashi FS-60 Q Tube Holder

This Takahashi Tube Holder is designed to support the FS-60 Q. Constructed with a traditional Takahashi pebble finish coat with a felt inner lining.

Manufacturer Product Number: TSK6010Q




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  • Will this mounting ring be able to be mounted to the C11 edge in order to piggy back the FS60Q as a guidescope? At only 2.9 pounds, this scope would be a big improvement over the Celestron 50mm finder.

    This mounting ring has a 1/4"-20 tapped hole right in the middle, so it could be attached to a piggyback bracket, but an adjustable ring set or tip-tilt plate under this ring may be more useful. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

  • What,is the difference between this clam shell for the FS60Q TK-TSK6010Q and the one for the FS60C scopeTK-TSK6010? You have the same picture for both! I think that the part # TK-TSK6010Q may in fact look like the Takahashi clam shell for the TSA102 sco

    You are correct. The FS-60Q bracket has no offset plate while the FS-60C bracket is offset to allow easier balancing with the shorter C version.