Takahashi 76D Reducer

Brand: Takahashi

SKU : TK-TKA18580

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Product Details

  • Takahashi FC-76D Reducer

    The Takahashi FC-76D Reducer is a dedicated reducer which is compatible with the FC-76, FC-76D and FS-78. The dedicated reducer changes the focal length to 417mm and the f-stop to f/5.5. The image circle is 36mm.FC-76D + 76D Reducer:

    • Focal Length 417mm
    • F/ratio f/5.5
    • Image circle 36mm

    FC-76 + 76D Reducer:

    • Focal length 438mm
    • F/ratio f/5.8
    • Image circle 36mm

    FS-78 + 76D Reducer:

    • Focal length 462mm
    • F/ratio f/5.9
    • Image circle 36mm

    Takahashi Product Number: TKA1858

  • specifications

    Back Focus56mm

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