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Takahashi Extender 1.7XR - for FS-60CB

Brand: Takahashi

SKU : TK-TKA28595

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Product Details

  • FOA-60 Extender 1.7XR:

    The Takahashi Extender 1.7XR converts the FOA-60 telescope to the FOA-60Q, resulting in a final focal length of 901 mm.  When using this extender, the Strehl ratio of the telescope is over 99-percent across almost the entire visible spectrum.  In spite of the small aperture of the telescope, magnifications of up to 300 times are possible while maintaining a clear image.

    Takahashi Extender 1.7XR - for FS-60CB-use

    As in this drawing above; When using this extender, place it between the OTA back and your focuser.



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