Takahashi Epsilon-180ED Extender

Brand: Takahashi

SKU : TK-TKA68595

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  • 1.5x focal extender for Takahashi's Epsilon-180ED telescope

Product Details

  • This 1.5x extender from Takahashi is designed for the Epsilon-180ED model telescope. You'll enjoy the benefits of 1.5x increase in focal length through 7 optical elements in 5 groups! This high-quality design provides ultra-high performance that will correct coma aberration on your Epsilon-180ED. The star image is equal to or better than what you would obtain at the native focal length of the telescope!

    The extender provides users with an RMS spot size of 2 microns or less at the center of the field and 8 microns or less at the diameter of a full frame sensor (44 mm). See spot diagram below:

    Here are some more technical details for the Epsilon-130D Extender.

    • Focal Length - 770 mm
    • F Value - 4.3
    • Image Circle - Φ 44 mm
    • Optical System - 5 Elements, 7 Groups
    • Maximum Diameter Total Length - 78.5 mm x 105.5 mm
    • OTA Side Thread - M68 P=0.75
    • Camera Side Thread - M54 P=0.75
    • Weight - 550 g
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    • 1.5x focal extender for Takahashi's Epsilon-180ED telescope

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