Stellarvue Non-Rotating Helical Focuser for 50mm Finderscopes -F050HNR

Brand: Stellarvue


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  • Turns Finders into Guiders
  • Focus Your Finder
  • Fits 50 mm Stellarvue Finders
  • Inverted Image


Product Details

  • This Non-Rotating Helical Focuser is used to convert a Stellarvue 50 mm right angle finderscope into a 50 mm straight-through finderscope. Now the image on your finderscope will be inverted and your finderscope can now be used as a guidescope.  

    It is as easy to use as simply unthreading the right-angle prism assembly from the main tube and replace it with the Helical Focuser.

    The SV-F050HNR features a 1.25-inch non-rotating helical focuser and includes a 10 mm (STE52) extension. 

    This is the same focuser that is used on the Stellarvue SV-F050G, so it can also be used there as a guidescope as well.

    The focuser has a standard 1.25-inch compression ring unit with an external M42 x .75 T-thread. So you can either use a guide camera's T-thread or a 1.25-inch nosepiece.



    OPT Product Number: SV-F050HNR 

  • included items

    • Stellarvue's Non-Rotating Helical Focuser for 50 mm Finderscopes
    • 10 mm Stellarvue Extension 



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