Stellarvue F2 Multi-Reticle Finder for Day/Night Use

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Stellarvue F2 Multi-Reticle Finder for Day/Night Use

For Day and Night Use

The Stellarvue F2MRF Multi-Reticle Finder will make your observing more enjoyable by helping you to easily find and center celestial objects in your favorite telescope. With this high quality multi-reticle finder installed, the user can quickly switch from a red dot to a crosshair, a circle, a combined circle with crosshairs, or a larger red dot. See the accompanying illustration of these reticles for details. This Stellarvue Multi-Reticle Finder uses the standard rifle scope dovetail base for mounting.

This advanced red dot finder by Stellarvue has two pointing adjustment screws, an elevation adjustment and an azimuth adjustment screw, either of which can be turned by a small flat blade screwdriver or a hex wrench. The illumination brightness is designed for day time or nighttime use. A large adjustment knob on top of the finder lets you set the brightness for your task. For nighttime use, turn it down to the lowest setting.

There is a separate lever on the lower rear of the finder which you use to select the reticle pattern of your choice. Reticle patterns can be changed very quickly. You then view the sky through a clear window, with 1 to 1 magnification so that finding objects with the help of a sky chart is very easy.

The Stellarvue MRF Multi-Reticle Finder attaches to one of the optional F2 Stellarvue bases very easily by using an Allen hex wrench, then simply mount the F2 base to your telescope