Stellarvue F1001B - Curved Base for F1 Red Dot Finder

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Stellarvue F1001B - Curved Base for F1 Red Dot Finder

Stellarvue - Curved Dovetail Plate for Stellarvue F1001Red Dot Finder

Don't mount your Stellarvue F1001 Red Dot Finder without one! This curved dovetail plate is the perfect match for StellarVue telescopes in the 80-90mm optical tube body size. The plate can be attached with double sided tape, or mounted permanently on your telescope with the pre-drilled holes in the bracket for added security.

This base will not fit the Stellarvue F2 Red Dot Finder. Nor will it fit multiple reticule finders, as it was not designed with them in mind.


Accessory TypeFinder Brackets & Rings & Bases
Warranty2 Year Warranty