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Stellarvue 'Triplet and EUW' Visual Astronomy System Package -Duplicate-DISCONTINUED-

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Stellarvue 'Triplet and EUW' Visual Astronomy System Package -Duplicate-DISCONTINUED-

This Visual Astronomy package is a compilation of several high quality Stellarvue products that when combined make for an exemplary system to use for all your visual astronomy needs- your very own window to the stars! This package uses the excellent Stellarvue 80mm Triplet Apochromat as a center-point, and then builds up a series of acccessories and eyepieces to best utilize that scope for Visual astronomy, creating your own personal gateway to the skies above! This aluminum tube OTA uses some of the finest triplet style lenses and a top notch optical design to not only totally eliminate false color aberration, but also to drastically improve contrast and grant exceptional clarity of vision. As might be expected this scope is the focus of the entire system- but it is far from being the only piece of worth: consider it the standard to which each component was held!
The variation between this and the EOP package is found in the model of eyepiece chosen; this package includes the EUW eyepieces from Stellarvue rather than the EOP series. Included are the 4", 8", and 15" EUW Ultra Wide Eyepieces from Stellarvue, and their performance can be called top notch with the utmost honesty. These eyepieces provide extreme contrast and sharpness throughout an extremely wide field of view. 82 degrees is more than enough of a FoV to have earned the 'Ultra Wide' title that Stellarvue has applied to these eyepieces, and can provide a truly splendid astronomy experience. These three eyepieces make for a wide range of options in your observing adventures; whether you wish to peer upon the moon or gaze into the darkest depths of space, this visual astronomy system delivers.

This package also comers with high quality dual hinged CNC machined mounting rings and a C19 carrying case for the telescope itself. These rings are perfect for attaching it to whichever mount you choose to use it with. Regardless, this kit can be summarized with the word 'Exemplary', which encompasses its performance, its high value for low cost, and its overall excellence when used for its intended purpose of visual astronomy!

Manufacturer Product Number: SV-80ST-25SV-VS