Stellarvue 76mm Guidescope Ring Set

Brand: Stellarvue


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Product Details

  • Stellarvue 76 mm Guidescope Rings for SV60EDS or other 60mm Guidescopes

    The Stellarvue 76 mm Guidescope Rings includes a set of two adjustable rings that are designed to mount the Stellarvue SV60EDS APO onto a larger telescope and use it as a wide field telescope, super finder and/or guidescope. Guide scopes are used as both super finders and for guiding the main telescope when doing astrophotography. For ease of installation, this set of 76 mm guide scope rings by Stellarvue also includes two Multi-Size Mounting Bases, each of which is a dovetail shoe that will slide onto either a Losmandy, Stellarvue, or Vixen rail. You only need to provide a suitable dovetail rail for installation.

    Each ring has three stainless adjustment screws with nylon tips. This ring system has an inside diameter of about 76 mm. This set of Stellarvue 76 mm Guidescope Rings for the SV60EDS is the perfect size for holding the Stellarvue SV60EDS, but could also be used with other OTAs having a similar outside diameter.

    When astronomers mount a guide scope on top of another telescope, it is necessary to use adjustable rings. Adjustable rings allow the guide scope to be tipped and tilted slightly in relation to the main telescope tube. If non-adjustable hinged rings are used, the two telescopes will never be pointed in precisely the same direction. When using a guide scope as a super finder, adjustable rings will allow the user to make sure each telescope is centered on the same object. When doing astrophotography, this set of Stellarvue 76 mm Guidescope Rings will make it possible to point the guide scope at a relatively bright guide star while the main telescope is centered on the object which is being imaged. In order to use this system, mount a Losmandy rail, Stellarvue rail, or Vixen sized rail of the proper length atop the main telescope's hinged rings. Slide the two rings with their dovetail shoes onto the rail. Insert the guide scope into the rings. You will then be able to align the guide scope with the main telescope using the three nylon tipped thumb screws on each ring. You are now ready to get to work having some fun!

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