Starlight Xpress Slimline OAG Off Axis Guider

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  • Starlight Xpress Slimline OAG Off Axis Guider

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    Starlight Xpress Slimline OAG Off Axis Guider

    Starlight Xpress Slimline Off Axis Guider

    Installation Instructions...

      1. Remove the three Panhead Pozi M2.5 x 5 screws from the front threaded adaptor on your filter wheel.
      2. Remove the threaded adaptor from the front of the filter wheel.
      3. Place the Filter Wheel Off-Axis Guider assembly on the front of the filter wheel in place of the threaded adapter you have just removed.
      4. Line up the 6 counter-bored fixing holes with the 6 holes on the front plate of your filter wheel.
      5. Drop the M2.5 x 5mm Cheese-Head screws in each of these 6 counter-bored fixing holes and screw them into place.
      6. Place the threaded adapter on to the OAG and fix it in place with the 3 M2.5 x 5 panhead screws which you originally removed.

    Setting Up the Autoguider...

      1. Fit your camera to the rear of the filter wheel and then fit the filter wheel to the rear of your telescope.
      2. Using the main imaging camera, take a series of images and adjust the focus of your telescope until the image is in focus.
      3. Screw the Lodestar or SXV-Autoguider to the threaded section of the top of the OAG and start to take images with the autoguider.
      4. Move the autoguider up and down the shaft until you achieve focus.
      5. Once you have achieved focus, lock the set screws.
      6. Your autoguider and main imaging camera are now par-focal and the system is ready to use.

    Starlight Xpress Product Number: SLFW-OAG

    Additional Information

    ManufacturerStarlight Xpress

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