Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2C Autoguider - Color

Brand: Starlight Xpress

SKU : SX-110-0012

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Product Details

  • The Lodestar X2C Autoguider - Color - by Starlight Xpress:

    When it comes to the Autoguider market, the Lodestar has long been regarded as the cream of the crop. The creative minds at Starlight Xpress have had a tough time coming up with a way to improve on such a superb product. That changes with the introduction of the Lodestar X2, Starlight Xpress' latest guide camera with the greatest sensitivity yet.

    Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2C Color Autoguider Features: 
    The compact Lodestar X2 guide camera is certainly stuffed full of amazing features:

    • 1.25-inch diameter allows it to fits easily into your 1.25-inch eyepiece holder with no extra adapters necessary.
    • Locate an appropriate guide star using the wide field of view provided due to the Lodestar X2C's ample imaging area (6.45 mm x 4.75 mm)
    • With an extraordinary 77-percent QE, and large pixels, the Lodestar X2 just eats up those photons. Finding a guide star becomes an even simpler task when sensitivity is combined with incredibly low noise.
    • Full size RJ12 Autoguider Port relegates the need for additional cables to run from your computer to control your mount corrections a thing of the past.
    • Don't worry about forgetting to bring an extra power supply with you to your next star party. Your computer's USB port is all you need to power the Lodestar X2C.
    • Constructed from solid, condensed aluminum.

    Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2C Color Autoguider Specifications: 

    • CCD type: ICX829AL Sony Exview interline CCD with extremely low dark current and vertical anti-blooming
    • CCD Full resolution Pixel data: Pixel size: 8.2 micrometer x 8.4 micrometer, Image format: 752 x 580 pixels
    • CCD Image area: 6.4 mm (Horizontal) x 4.75 mm (Vertical)
    • CCD quality: Grade 1
    • Spectral Response: QE max at 620 nanometers (~77-percent), 45-percent at 400 nm and 770 nm
    • Readout Noise: Less than 10 electrons RMS - typically only 6 electrons
    • Full-well capacity: Greater than 50,000 e- (unbinned)
    • Anti-blooming: Overload margin greater than 1000x
    • Dark current: Dark frame saturation time greater than 1 hour. Less than 0.1 electrons/second at + 10C ambient
    • Data format: 16 bits
    • System gain: 0.4 electrons per ADU
    • Computer Interface: Integrated USB 2.0 compatible interface
    • Image download time: Usually 0.2 seconds at full resolution using USB 2.0
    • Power requirements: Operates via USB port
    • Cooling system: Ambient air cooling
    • Size: 86 mm x 32 mm black anodized aluminium barrel with 1-inch x 32-threads/inch DegreesC mount's thread at the CCD window end and input/ output plugs at the rear.
    • Weight: approx. 85 g (3 oz).

    OPT Product Number: SX-LODESTAR-X2C


  • specifications

    Camera ConnectionC mount
    Color or MonoColor
    Mega Pixels0.5 MP
    MPLess than 2 MP
    Pixel Array795 x 596
    Pixel Size8.4 microns
    PS7 to 9 Microns
    Sensor Diagonal8.3 mm
    Sensor TypeCCD

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