Starizona Stepper Microtouch Motor Unit for FSQ

Brand: Starizona


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  • Accessory for enhancing precision focus of FSQ focusers
  • For use with dual speed focusers on FSQ-106 and FSQ-85


Product Details

  • The Stepper MicroTouch Motor Unit for FSQ by Starizona:

    This part consists of an extra stepper motor for the MicroTouch auto-focuser, and can be installed when two speed focusers are being used with a Takahashi FSQ-106 or FSQ-85 telescope. It enhances the fine-focus knob on the FSQ focuser to a greater level of precision focusing.


    OPT Product Number: S6-MTAF-SMFSQ

  • included items

    • Single Stepper Motor for Takahashi FSQ


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