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Starizona HyperStar 3 Lens - 14'' Celestron EdgeHD

SKU : S6-HS3-C14HD

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Product Details

  • The HyperStar Lens by Starizona - For use with 14-Inch Celestron Edge HD telescopes:

    This model includes the required adapter ring to fit the HyperStar lens to the Edge HD model telescope. An additional adapter would be required to adapt this lens to an older (non-HD) telescope. The HyperStar 14 system allows extremely fast, wide-field CCD imaging with the Celestron 14-Inch SCT. The lens replaces the secondary mirror on 14-Inch Edge HD SCTs and turns the telescope into an f/1.9 imaging system! The HyperStar 14 is compatible with a variety of cameras, including Canon and Nikon DLSRs, SBIG ST-7/8/9/10/2000 series, and cameras from Starlight Xpress, SAC, Orion, Meade, and the popular StellaCam video system from Astrovid. Chose from: Atik 4000, Nikon, Orion StarShoot Pro, Orion StarShoot Pro 2.0, QHY9 w/CFW, QHY9 w/o CFW, Canon EOS, DSI, DSI Pro, Orion StarShoot Color I/II, QHY8, QHY8 Pro, QHY10, QSI Full Enclosure, QSI Medium Enclosure, QSI WSG, SBIG 237, 402, 8300C, SBIG ST Series w/CFW8, SBIG ST Series w/CFW9, SBIG Series w/o CFW, Starlight Express and StellaCam MallinCam.

    OPT Product Number: S6-HS-C14HD


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