StarGPS NX for Losmandy Gemini II with 1 Pin DC Power Cable

Brand: StarGPS

SKU : SQ-1042-2

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Product Details

  • StarGPS Package for Losmandy Gemini II Mounts with 1-Pin DC Jack

    Add GPS to your Losmandy Gemini II! Imagine the possiblities if your telescope could access the Global Positioning System... so that it always knew when and where you were observing from. No more checking your watch. No more looking up site coordinates or fiddling with the keypad to enter the date, time, latitude and longitude. StarGPS has solved your problems! It utilizes a single cable to connect your telescope to a GPS receiver smaller than a computer mouse and automatically input these values - making your telescope setup much easier and more precise! StarGPS-NX is a "plug-and-play" solution for use with the Celestron NexStar, Meade Autostar, LX200 Classic and Losmandy Gemini telescopes. It includes a GPS-NX02 receiver and the proper cable for your telescope. No software is required since the GPS receiver outputs commands and data the telescope already understands. Simply connect the GPS to your telescope, turn on the scope, and watch the GPS LED indicate: Power ON Location Determined Setup Complete This StarGPS-NX Package includes the GPS-Gemini II Cable, which connects the GPS Receiver to a Losmandy Gemini controller. The PS/2 plug connects to the GPS. The 1-pin DC plug connects to the controller power output. The RJ22 plug connects to the RS232 port so it can receive data from the GPS. What I have always liked about all the StarGPS that they are simple: no setup required, no CD to download, no drivers, no fuss. Just plug it in and it does the work for you...These are products that work, and once installed you can forget about them and enjoy the night sky. Then, next time you are ready to fire up the telescope again....StarGPS NX02 is ready and waiting.

    -Dr. P. Clay Sherrod, Arkansas Sky Observatories

    Features of the Star GPS Receiver...

    • Fast time-to-first-fix and low power consumption
    • High performance 65-channel SkyTraq chipset
    • Supports standard NMEA-0183, Meade LX200, Celestron NexStar, Synta Binary and Vixen HTTP protocols
    • Automatically detects telescope type (Meade, Celestron, Synta, Vixen or none)
    • Switches to standard NMEA output after 45 seconds if no telescope is detected
    • Lithium cell sustains internal clock and memory (recharges during normal operation)
    • LED power indicator blinks to indicate receiver status
    • Automatic cold start with no user initialization required
    • Compact design with integrated antenna/receiver
    • One-year warranty (parts and labor)
    Star GPS Product Number: 1042-2
  • specifications

    Module TypeGPS Module
    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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