Spectrum Mobile Phone Telescope Kit with Solar Filter

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Spectrum Mobile Phone Telescope Kit with Solar Filter

This quick to set up and easy to use kit makes it possible to transform your mobile phone into a tool for solar viewing and imaging! This useful kit lets you take portability to the next level with Solar Astronomy, making it as easy as attaching a few extra pieces of hardware to your mobile phone to capture solar images. By the very nature of the kit, it's possible to do things like livestream an eclipse to your social media accounts, or upload images taken directly to social media right after taking them. An excellent way to share such with others with minimal fuss. The kit is made up of a small tripod that attaches to a small 'holding' device for your phone, which then projects an 8x magnification/8x zoom telephoto lens. A full aperture glass solar filter of the same quality as the premium filters Spectrum provides for telescopes then attaches to this lens smooth and cleanly.