Spectrum Full Aperture Solar Filter: Threaded Film - 55mm

Brand: Spectrum Telescopes


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Product Details

  • Spectrum Full Aperture Solar Filter: Threaded Film - 55mm

    This full aperture thin film solar filter was designed precisely for use with a Camera, attaching to the frontal lens of one; a purpose for which it has been threaded specifically to ensure maximum ease of attachment. This filter was created with safety in mind, and permits only a safe level of light through the thin black film of the filter; rendering it safe to observe and image the sun through a camera modified with this filter, so long as proper precautions are taken and safe procedure is followed.

    This filter was made from a .002" thick black plastic polymer that boasts extremely high durability. Due to the high quality of its composition and craftsmanship, these filters are more than capable of lasting you numerous years if the included instructions for care and safe use are followed without undue abuse. As for the actual quality of view? It more than matches the composition and craftsmanship present elsewhere, the filters design and the film in use inducing a natural looking, yellowish orange view of the sun. With proper adapters you can use the camera that has the filter installed onto it with a telescope- or you can simply take images without a telescope, whether while using a telephoto lens or simply with an unmodified camera. Whatever suits your desires and needs! Of note is that when you are using these for daytime viewing, the less atmospheric turbulence you are dealing with, the better; excessive atmospheric turbulence can interfere with your image quality.

    This filter is packed and shipped in a foam lined box that is then placed into a durable plastic box- this combination of boxes can be used to store the filter between uses after it has arrived with you, and makes a suitable case.

    Manufacturer Product Number: ST55MM

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