Spectrum 3" Full Aperture Solar Film Binocular Filter Pair - 67mm to 73mm

Brand: Spectrum Telescopes


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Product Details

  • These premium full aperture Thin Film Solar Filters allow only a safe amount of light to pass through your binoculars for solar viewing. It is an ND 5 filter, therefore blocking 99.999% of the Sun's visible light. The .002" thick black plastic polymer used for the filter substrate is a durable, high quality material that will last you for many years with proper care and handling. These filters are constructed with a single-layer design with absorptive filtering material spread throughout the substrate. Slight warps, bends, or wrinkles present in the film will NOT affect the solar image. The Sun appears in a natural looking yellowish-orange color that we are all familiar with, rather than harsh white-light.

    Measure your Binocular Tube End to ensure you choose the correct filter. These filters fit: Nikon Action 10x50 Bino; Cannon 15x50 Imaging Stabilizing.

    Manufacturer Product Number: ST300BPP

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