Spectrum 3.25" Full Aperture Solar Glass Binocular Filter Pair - 73mm to 79mm

Brand: Spectrum Telescopes


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Product Details

  • These Premium quality Solar Filters from Spectrum have been manufactured from highly durable and clear glass that uses a reflective coating of the utmost quality and refinement. The design of the filter is meant to allow as much light as is safely possible through the filter into the binocular lens, providing an optimal daytime viewing experience.

    The image of the sun when viewed through this filter looks like the natural-looking yellow-orange hue that we all find familiar. The filter comes in a foam lined box placed in plastic to keep it safe from any jarring during handling, a box that is also perfect for storing the filter when you're not using it after delivery! Included are complete and detailed instructions on how to use and maintain the filter.

    Measure your Binocular Tube End to ensure you choose the correct filter. This filter fits: Nikon Action 10x50 Bino ; Cannon 15x50 Imaging Stabilizing.

    Manufacturer Product Number: ST325GP

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