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Spectrum 2.37" Full Aperture Solar Film Filter- 67mm to 73mm


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Product Details

  • Spectrum 2.37" Full Aperture Solar Film Filter- 67mm to 73mm

    These full aperture thin film solar filters permit the maximum possible safe amount of light through your telescope, ensuring that you can use your telescopes full aperture. These filters are extremely safe so long as due caution is exercised in their use, and are durable enough to last you for many years of enjoyable solar viewing and imaging. The view of the sun provided through these filters is a natural looking yellow-orange shade, and is suitable both for observational and imaging purposes.

    These high quality solar filters come packaged in a foam-lined box that is then placed in a plastic box, a combination that absorbs any possible rough handling or shock during shipping, and which is also quite excellent for storing your filter between solar astronomy sessions. Included with this unit are instructions that, if followed, will ensure that this filter not only provides safe and fun solar viewing, but also lasts for a great many years.

    Manufacturer Product Number: ST300BP1

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