Software Bisque TheSky Fusion - Telescope Control Unit

  • Intelligently combines power, communication, and control of your entire digital imaging system.
  • Four high-speed USB 3.0 ports.
  • TheSky astronomy software, fully integrated.
  • Integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.
  • Wirelessly control devices with TheSky from your iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop, or other device.
  • Real-time LCD status display of your imaging run.
  • Eight adaptable power ports with configurable voltages and amperages to run even the most complex setups.
  • Dovetail adapter included for easy and flexible telescope mounting.
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Software Bisque TheSky Fusion - Telescope Control Unit

The Software Bisque TheSky Fusion -Telescope Control Unit:

TheSky Fusion marries the world's single-most capable object-acquisition and imaging software with exquisitely designed hardware to connect, power and integrate your imaging devices.

TheSky Fusion attaches to your mount and simplifies system setup, maintenance, and nightly tasks for maximum productivity. TheSky Fusion's flexible power-output ports can drive even the most complex hardware configurations. Four high-speed USB 3.0 ports and one legacy serial port can meet most communication needs. If not, one of the configurable 5-Volt DC power ports can run a powered USB adaptor so that you can add as many additional USB ports as necessary.

TheSky software supports more imaging devices across more platforms than any other software on the market. With TheSky Fusion you can connect your mount, camera, autoguider, focuser, filter wheel, rotator, and dew heater to TheSky to control them from your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Operate using any modern web browser through Wi-Fi or use a remote desktop application (Remote Desktop or VNC). An Ethernet port even permits a hardwired connection for an optimal experience. Though an Internet connection is not required, TheSky Fusion takes full advantage of being on-line when connected to the Web.


TheSky Astronomy Software:

Crafted from 35 years of customer feedback, TheSky has the tools you need to plan observing sessions, acquire astronomical images and so much more. 

It is the world's most powerful observatory control software. Enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and ease of use, out of the box. And, all from a singular integrated application software package.

TheSky takes full advantage of the 64-bit operating system as well as hardware-accelerated graphics. Coupled with the Linux operating system, TheSky Fusion will produce years of reliable, worry-free operation.

  • Operate your mount, camera, guider, focuser, filter wheel, rotator, etc. from a single application.
  • Provides power (on/off) switching to the integrated 5V/8V/12V power ports.
  • Offers graphics acceleration to produce smooth Sky Chart zooming and scrolling.
  • Comes with the complete Gaia star catalog (1.7 billion stars).
  • Includes millions of galaxies, clusters, nebulas and other non-stellar objects.
  • Includes TheSky LTI interface for Paramount mount owners.
  • Displays comets, satellites, asteroids, planets, Sun, Moon, Saturn’s and Jupiter’s major moons.
  • Performs Image Link and All Sky Image Link astronomic solutions (a.k.a. “plate solving”).
  • TPoint telescope pointing analysis produces exceptional pointing accuracy. For Paramount mount users, TPoint with ProTrack produces exceptional tracking accuracy.
  • Automated telescope pointing calibration.
  • Advanced autoguiding with optional guide camera, with features like graphing guider logs, 3D star graphs, and so much more.
  • Automated focus using either @Focus2 or @Focus3. • Filter wheel support. • Rotator support. • Fully scriptable operation ( using JavaScript or Python.
  • So much more (see TheSky's 700-page user guide for details).
  • There is a $100 Optional Annual TheSky Subscription Fee available for continued access after the first free year to downloadable updates. The subscription ensures your software is updated with the latest features, fixes, improvements, and device support. The subscription renewal is a separate item number and is not required. If the free subscription is allowed to expire, TheSky continues to operate normally and indefinitely.


Supported Devices: Open the blue Gallery page tab below and click the images to view the Supported Devices chart.

Computer: This 64-bit Hex-Core CPU at 1.8 GHz offers smooth Sky Chart updates, efficient live stacking, and fast image archiving.

Hardware Specifications: Open the blue Gallery page tab below and click the images to view the 2 pages of the Hardware Specifications chart.


PortsExternal GPS antenna
PortsHDMI 2.0 connector
PortsMale DE9 RS 232 Serial
PortsPower Input (12V/40A DC)
PortsRJ45 Ethernet
PortsUSB 3.0 x 4
Software IncludedTheSky
Status DisplayLCD
Weight4.2 lb