Software Bisque Paramount to Ego Battery Adapter

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  • Software Bisque Paramount to Ego Battery Adapter

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    Software Bisque Paramount to Ego Battery Adapter

    Software Bisque Ego Battery Adapter
    for MEII, MX, MX+ & MYT Paramounts

    Software Bisque has found that Paramounts run very well on an EGO-brand rechargeable battery, available from Home Depot. If youŸ???????????d like to go this route, you will also need the EGO battery charger (also sold separately at Home Depot) and this product; the Bisque EGO to Paramount Power Adaptor.

    The metal tabs on the Paramount to EGO Power Adaptor snap into the EGO batteryŸ???????????s slotted positive and negative leads. Once plugged in, the end of cable can be plugged into the ParamountŸ???????????s Power In port and, provided the battery is charged, the mount should be ready to use. You can read a bit more about the testing of the EGO Battery system for Paramount use below:

    The Paramount Robotic Telescope Mount requires a 48-Volt power supply, and newer generation Lithium-ion batteries offer a convenient portable power solution. The Home Depot?? sells a line of battery-powered outdoor equipment that incorporates the EGO 56- Volt rechargeable battery. EGO batteries, available in 2.0 Ah (amp hour) and 4.0 Ah models, are readily available, relatively inexpensive, long lasting, durable, and recharge quickly. These features make EGO batteries a very convenient portable power supply for Software BisqueŸ???????????s Paramount robotic telescope mounts.

    The EGO 56-Volt 4.0 Ah Battery is typically only sold online, and can power the Paramount mount for approximately 10 hours of typical observing. Tests were conducted using a fully charged EGO 56-Volt 4.0 Ah battery on a Paramount MYT mount. The mount tracked at the sidereal rate, and a full speed slew to the other side of the pier performed every 10 minutes, for 10 hours, on a single charge. The EGO 56-Volt Lithium-ion 30 Minute Charger (sold separately) provides fast, reliable recharges.

    Please Note: The Paramount EGO Battery Adaptor requires both an EGO battery and an EGO battery charger. There are two battery options (sold separately and both available at Home Depot): a 56- Volt 2.0 Ah Battery and a 56-Volt 4.0 Ah Battery. The Software Bisque control system can accept up to +60V DC.

    The EGO battery chargers are sold separately at Home Depot and also have two options: a 56-Volt Standard Charger and a 56-Volt Lithium-Ion 30 Minute Charger.

    Please read the instructions and battery disclaimers before use. We have included a copy in the Documents tab.

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