Sky-Watcher Quattro 150P Imaging Newtonian Telescope

Brand: Sky-Watcher

SKU : SW-S11205

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  • Excellent astrophotography reflector telescope
  • Super fast f/3.45 focal ratio
  • 150mm objective mirror
  • 600mm focal length
  • 12.5 lbs total weight

Product Details

  • The Sky-Watcher Quattro 150P reflecting telescope was designed and built to provide astrophotographers a high quality imaging experience. The fast f/3.45 aperture helps reduce exposure times, while the thermally-stable borosilicate glass used as the reflector helps your shots stay in focus for longer.

    Sky-Watcher Quattro 150P Astrophotography Reflector

    Sky-Watcher Quattro 150P Imaging Newtonian

    Included as part of this astrophotography Newtonian reflector telescope is a 2" dual-speed Crayford power focuser. This high-end focuser utilizes ball bearings to maintain perfect drawtube alignment, ensuring smooth focusing and zero image shift, even when supporting heavy imaging payloads. The Sky-Watcher Quattro 150P's Crayford focuser offers smoothness and accuracy that traditional rack and pinion focusers can't match. The dual-focuser setup features a high-speed main knob for primary focusing, and a second focus knob with 10:1 focus speed reduction for super fine focus adjustments that will please even the pickiest astrophotographers.

    Quattro 150P Newtonian Telescope
    Sky-Watcher Quattro 150P

    Sky-Watcher Quattro 150P Low-Expansion Borosilicate Glass

    High accuracy focusers are of little help when your telescope is constantly expanding and contracting due to changes in temperature. That's why the Sky-Watcher Quattro 150P uses low-expansion borosilicate glass in its primary mirror. This very stable glass will shorten cool down times and help keep objects in crisp focus for the long exposure times required in astrophotography. In order to let as much light as possible hit the primary mirror, the secondary mirror on the Quattro 150P uses 0.5mm mirror support brackets. These super thin supports significantly increase the amount of light able to reach your camera, reducing exposure times and increasing clarity.

  • specifications

    Aperture150mm (6")
    Camera/Eyepiece ConnectionUltra Wide 22mm eyepiece
    Dawes Limit0.77 arcseconds
    Focal Length600mm
    Focal Ratiof/3.9
    Free ShippingYes
    Glass TypeBorosilicate
    Highest Magnification295x
    Light Gathering Power40%
    Optical DesignNewtonian
    Secondary Obstruction64 mm/ 2.5 inches
    Tube Diameter184 mm
    Tube Length559mm
    Tube Weight12.6 lb
  • included items

    • Sky-Watcher Quattro 150P Reflector Telescope
    • 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser
    • 6x30 finder scope
    • Tube rings and dovetail bar
    • 70° Ultra Wide 22mm eyepiece
    • Coma corrector/reducer

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