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Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pier Extension

SKU : SW-S30102

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  • This pier extension is compatible with EQ6 and EQ6-R mounts
  • Raises the mount head 8.4-inches

Product Details

    • This pier extension is compatible with EQ6 and EQ6-R mounts
    • Raises the mount head 8.4-inches
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    • This pier extension is compatible with EQ6 and EQ6-R mounts
    • Raises the mount head 8.4-inches

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Michael C.
United States
Works Great

Does the trick for Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro. The addition of the rubber antiskid bed is really nice. No rotation of the pier extension once installed. AT115EDT with camera, filter wheel etc. clears the tripod legs nicely now!

Eddie B.
United States United States
Nice upgrade for EQ6-R Pro mount.

The Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pier Extension adds an extra 8.4 inches of height to the mount so that the camera on my long ES ED127 won't crash into the tripod legs. I've read that some people were installing a rubber gasket between it and the tripod head to keep it from rotating with mixed success so I decided to drill holes and attach it with 3 bolts to keep it stable. I first drilled the holes in the middle, but the legs would not fold from making contact with the bolts so I drilled new holes in the corners of the tripod base so that the legs could fold up. Note: grease the azimuth ball bearings/washers before install. One thing I didn't consider before drilling the holes was where North was going to end up in relation between the mount and the tripod legs for polar alignment. It was a little off from the original mount design so I drilled three holes at the top of the pier to line up the tripod legs to Polar North. The pier is solid metal and seems to be made well enough to do the job. Very satisfied with this upgrade and ability to capture at zenith without crashing my camera into the tripod legs.

OPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pier Extension ReviewOPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pier Extension ReviewOPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pier Extension ReviewOPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pier Extension Review
United States United States
must have if you have a long refractor

I have a 130mm scope and after balancing it the camera was precariously close to tripod legs at meridian. this definitely helps and i can go past meridian a lot. the pier to tripod pate have rubber padding and if installed correctly you don't need any extra items to keep it in place. I am tried bumping it and it doesn't move or lose polar alignment. it does makes the top part a little shaky especially if you have a heavy scope. also adding it makes it a little difficult to hold the mount and move in and out (i don't disassemble the whole mount every night). I would definitely recommend it if u have EQ6 and a long scope.

Spencer C.
United States United States
EQ6R Pier Extension

Great addition to the EQ6R for anyone with a longer imaging train. Gave me enough clearance and also put the scope at a more comfortable baseline position with tripod legs all the way in. The rubber piece on this new version keeps the pier extension in place- zero concerns with stability.

Byron M.
United States United States
It works, but it should be better

This thing has some known problems but if you're like me throwing around a big scope on your EQ6R with a long image train, you need the clearance from your tripod legs so you really have no choice but dealing with this. What i found worked to keep it from rotating on me was to use a silicon pad between the pier extension and the tripod. This pad acts as a friction layer and compression layer between the botton puck and the tripod - where it would normally rotate because there was no friction. Problem solved. It should include a silicon pad in the kit. if you don't have a silicon pad thin enough, cut open a bicycle tube and lay it across (wash off the talc powder if your tube has it) and use that as a friction layer. To make the silicon pad work, leave the hand screw slightly lose and insert the extension and put the side screws in and tighten them up and then tighten the hand bolt as much as possible.

George C.
United States United States
"OK" construction, "F" for design

I purchased this in anticipation of wanting some additional clearance between my camera/focus tube on my SW Esprit 100ED and the tripod legs of the SW EQ6-R Pro mount. Construction is suitably heavy, but not of outstanding quality. Noticeable lack of concentric fit between the internal mount plate adapter and the outer support tube. Enough so that the threads of the attaching cap screw on that side are visible between the adapter plate and the tube even after everything is tightened down. The tube design is simple, but forces a 'permanent' attachment of the pier to the mount, making it impossible to store/stack the mount sitting on its base. Not a show stopper, but not well thought out in my opinion. A better design would have had 'ports' to access the top attachment fitting to remove the mount from the extension, rather than the mount+extension having to be placed/removed on the mount as a single assembly as is required by the current design. The show stopper is the lack of any means to lock or other wise prevent the pier extension from rotation on the tripod. This a particularly egregious oversight since it takes almost no effort to move the entire assembled mount/OTA about the azimuth with just pressure from one finger (and not hard pressure). This is with the central mount bolt tightened as tight as it can be gotten. It is pointless to spend 30 minutes getting a perfect polar alignment to have a slight tug on the cable, a filter slide, or just touching the OTA and ruining the PA. Some have tried to add washers/material between the pier to at least make it harder to rotate with limited success. It shouldn't be necessary, period. The only option that could work with the current design would be to modify it to utilze an additional polar alignment stud in the tripod to lock the pier against. If it had side ports, cap screws could be used to lock it in place against the top of the tripod plate. There are a multitude of design modifications that could have/should have been implemented before this was marketed. None were.