Starlight Inst. Feathertouch Dual Speed Rotatable 2" Focuser -

Brand: Starlight Instruments


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Product Details

  • This Starlight Instruments Feathertouch Focuser is a dual speed, rotatable model presented in a 2.5" DTT format. The Starlight Instruments FTF2025BCR Feathertouch Focuser has a brake and C-ring. Both coarse and fine focusing with an 8 pound lifting capacity.

    Starlight Instruments Feathertouch Dual Speed Rotatable 2" Focuser Features

    • DT Length: 3.95" | 100.33mm
    • Focuser Housing / Base: 2.75inch OD NT Flange
    • Draw Tube Travel: 2.6" | 66.04mm
    • Racked In from Mounting Face: 1.405" | 35.687mm
    • Racked Out from Mounting Face: 4.005" | 101.73mm
    • Racked In Draw Tube Below Mounting Face: 2.518" | 63.957mm
    • Diameter at Back Side (Eye Piece) of Draw Tube: 51.31mm / 2.600in
    • Thread on Entry (OTA | FRONT) Side of Draw Tube: 52mm x .75mm
    • Draw Tube Drive Mechanism: Crayford Friction Drive
    • Draw Tube Drive Material: Steel on Steel
    • Draw Tube Linear Bearing Style: Dovetail-Ball Bearing
    • Draw Tube Linear Bearing Material: Steel on Steel
    • Reduction Unit Type: 2.0inch Planetary Drive
    • Reduction Ratio: 10.25:1 (Approximately)
    • Travel per Pinion Revolution: 19.94mm / 0.785inch per Revolution
    • Lifting Capacity: 3.63kg / 8 lbs
    • Travel per Fine Focus Knob: 1.960mm / 0.077inch per Revolution
    • Travel per Course Focus Knob: 21mm / 0.870inch
    Starlight Instruments Product Number: FTF2025BCR
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