Starlight Instruments Focuser Boss II Wi-Fi Control Board

Brand: Starlight Instruments


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Product Details

  • The Focuser Boss II Hubs includes a wired Ethernet connection and interface as standard, but many users prefer to use wireless Ethernet with their telescope setups. This Wi-Fi board eliminates the need for any communication wires to the control PC or tablet.
  • specifications

    Antenna:Integrated and external type MRF24WB0MBAntenna:Integrated and external type MRF24WB0MB
    Network Compatibility802.11b/g Networks
    Network Porotcols SoftAP
    Rangeup to 400m (1300 ft.)
    Temperature RangeMinus 40 degrees to 85 Degrees Celsius
    WiFi ModuleMicrochip MRF24WG0MB
    WiFiIEEE 802.11b/g 2.4GHz RF Transceiver

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