Shelyak Alpy 600 Module Spectrograph

Brand: Shelyak

SKU : SL-PF0035

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Product Details

  • The Shelyak Alpy 600 is the core element of the ALPY product line, with a 600 gr/ mm grism (grating + prism). Offers compatibility, low resolution (resolving power R~600), and dispersion compatible with currently available CCD cameras. Shelyak Alpy 600 Module Spectrograph Specifications... 
    • f/5 Spectrograph
    • Slit/ slit-less modes (25 um hole; 25 um, 50 um, 100 um, 300 um slits; 3 mm hole / 5 um tolerance)
    • Slit length: 3 mm
    • R ~ 600 (resolution around 10)
    • Weight: 60 g (visual mode), 200 g (CCD mode)
    • Size: 65 mm long with a diameter of 45 mm (CCD mode)
    • M42 camera thread
    • Camera backfocus: 10.5 to 21 mm
    • Standard 1.25-inch telescope adapter with filter thread
    • Backfocus (front 1.25-inch adapter edge to slit): 3.8 mm
    Shelyak Instruments Product Number: PF0035
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