SBIG STL to StarChaser SC-3 Adapter

Brand: SBIG


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Product Details

  • Attach your StarChaser off-axis guide camera to your trusty SBIG STL Research Series camera using this adapter. Using the StarChaser provides off-axis guiding in front of filters, giving you maximum sensitivity especially when using narrowband filters. For large sensors (STL-11000) or when using the external STL filter wheel, you should use the StarChaser SC-3-SHORT because it provides more spacing to the pick-off mirror and has more backfocus adjustability. The SC-3-SHORT supports the AO-X adaptive optics unit.

    You will NEED an adapter plate (STX/STXL/Aluma AC Adapter Plate) to connect your telescope.

    • 10018: STX 3.5" OD / 3 x 24 Threaded
    • ACC06: 2" Eyepiece Style
    • ACC09: 3" Eyepiece Style

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