SBIG StarChaser SC-1E Guide Camera w/ Mechanical Dark Shutter

Brand: Diffraction Ltd.


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  • The SBIG StarChaser SC-1E is a guide camera with mechanical dark shutter and integrated AO support
  • Comes complete with MaxIm LT™ software

Product Details

  • SBIG StarChaser SC-1E Guide Camera

    Diffraction Limited’s new SBIG StarChaser SC-1E is an independent Guiding Camera with Adaptive Optics support. The StarChaser 1 is a 1280×1024 pixel guide camera, with a guide port, and Adaptive Optics control option for use with a third-party dichroic mirror.

    Improve your telescope mount tracking using the SBIG StarChaser SC-1E. Simplify your imaging by taking automatic dark frames with a true mechanical dark shutter to reduce or eliminate hot pixels.

    This camera can be used as a small camera, on a parallel guide scope, or with a beam-splitting dichroic mirror. The SC-1E shares electronics with the StarChaser SC-2E and SC-3E off-axis guider cameras. Physically, it looks more like a 2-inch eyepiece. The camera includes a T-thread mount, and a T-Thread to 2-inch nosepiece adapter is included. A 1.25-inch nosepiece adapter is optionally available. The SC-1E features a high-sensitivity 1.3 megapixel Global Shutter CMOS sensor with 4.8 micron pixels. Unlike competing autoguiders and small cameras, the StarChaser has a mechanical shutter for easy dark frame correction. This feature, standard on all SBIG guiders, optimizes sensitivity and eliminates hot pixels that could degrade guiding accuracy.

    Adaptive Optics Control

    When used with third-party ONAG devices, the SC-1E can control an AO-8A or AO-X adaptive optics unit. We recommend you contact us for a technical discussion to ensure this will work for you.

    Supports Your SBIG Investment

    Our renowned MaxIm LT software is included, providing integrated control of your StarChaser and SBIG main camera. An ASCOM standard camera interface is included.

    The StarChaser requires a 12V power supply (included) and a USB 2.0 mini cable (6-foot / 2-meter cable included). The StarChaser can send guider commands to the telescope either via ASCOM PulseGuide or a “ST-4″-style tracking interface cable (included).

    Note: When using with StarChaser with AO, you will need a StarChaser to AO-X/AO-8T Adapter Cable.


    Temperature Regulation No
    OS Compatibility Windows 32-bit and 64-bit
    Computer Interface USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)
    Full Frame Download 0.2 sec
    Adaptive Optics Option Works with AO-X (cable required)
    Pixel Digitization Rate 72 megapixels / second
    A/D Converter 10 bits
    Weight 0.9 lb / 400 g
    Read Noise (typ) 5 e- typical
    Power 12V, 300 mA
    Exposure 13.5 ns to 59.26 s
    Pixel Size 4.8 μm
    Total Pixels 1,310,720 pixels
    Sensor Size 6.18 mm x 4.95 mm
    Shutter Electronic Global Shutter plus Mechanical Dark Frame Shutter
    Imaging Sensor Astronomical CMOS 1.3 Megapixel
    Filter Wheel Option Attaches to FW7-STX and FW8S-STXL filter wheels
    Dark Current e-/p/s 5 e-/p/s typical at 20C
    Imaging / Pixel Array 1280 x 1024 pixels
    Full Well Capacity 10,000 e-
  • included items

    • SBIG StarChaser SC-1E guide camera
    • Universal AC power supply with choice of power cord (US/EU/AU)
    • DC power extension cable
    • Tracking interface cable (“ST-4” style)
    • USB 2.0 A to Mini-B cable, 6 feet (2 meters)
    • USB flash drive
    • 2” Nosepiece adapter with cap

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