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SBIG 50.4mm Baader LRGBC Filter set of 5 - Discontinued

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SBIG 50.4mm Baader LRGBC Filter set of 5 - Discontinued

SBIG has chosen to start offering Baader Planetarium filters for their STF, STT, STXL and STX series cameras. This is a set of LRGBC filters that is ideal for use with a SBIG camera. These top quality filters have consistently received high marks from advanced imagers since their introduction several years ago, and these are the latest models in that line. The LRGBC filters are parfocal with Baader's line of narrowband filters and they are very reasonably priced, particularly in light of their overall professional design and quality. Peak transmission of 98% is achieved for each of the color passbands. Reflections have been minimized or eliminated. Equal exposure times may be used for all three colors for easier image reduction using a single length dark frame.

These unmounted 50.4mm round filters are designed to drop into the SBIG STXL camera's filter carousel and provide optimum coverage of the 11002 and 6303 CCDs. This particular set is an LRGBC set, meaning that it includes a luminance filter, a red filter, a green filter, a blue filter, and a clear filter. All of these filters are AR coated, optically polished, round, and unmounted. The luminance filter is UV and IR blocking, a useful feature. Each of these filters and their coatings boasts exceptional durability and toughness, having been tested very thoroughly by Baader. Indeed, it's been tested and proven for these filters to survive a full hour in boiling hot water with no damage of any kind to the glass or optical coatings of the filter! Yes, every filter included in this five-part set has been thoroughly tested for durability and toughness, and proven capable of withstanding outdoor observing conditions and regular cleaning fully intact. Indeed, the coatings are harder than the glass they coat!

Each filter is optically polished to 1/4 wave flatness over the filter surface for exceptional image quality. Baader Planetarium filters are made from striae-free substrates and actually fine optically polished flat to within 1/4 wave p-v over the entire surface plane parallel to within 30 seconds of arc. This important and unique custom step adds cost - but the result is a filter that maintains the full wavefront quality of the telescope without double images or ghosting, even at high magnifications. These filters are truly high-quality pieces of fine work, and you won't regret purchasing them for use with your SBIG CCD camera!

Manufacturer Product Number: 50-5508CIB


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