Teleskop Service Rotation System Adapter - Canon EOS

Brand: Teleskop Service


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Product Details

  • Teleskop Service Rotation System Adapter - Canon EOS

    This adapter fits into the various base adapters of the TS Rotation system. The connection is made with a 2" dovetail which provides a perfectly strong grip when used with the three locking screws of the rotation system. When the screws are unlocked the adapter can be rotated and will then return into perfect alignment once the screws are tightened again.Specifications:
    • telescope adaptation ... short 2" dovetail
    • 2" filter thread
    • camera adaptation ... Canon EOS Bayonet with large clear apertureT2 thread (M42x0.75)
    • effective mechanical length: only 11mm
    Example of Use:Adaptation for Canon EOS cameras to the TS Rotation System and similar clamp mechanisms. Large clear aperture.Teleskop Service Product Number: 2-EOSs

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