Rigel Skylite Mini Red & White LED Flashlight

Brand: Rigel


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  • Rigel Systems - Skylite Mini Red & White LED Flashlight

    The Rigel Systems Skylite Mini is ideal for anyone who wants to protect their night vision while reading star charts, planispheres or setting up equipment - and also needs white light illumination. The Rigel Sky Lite Mini is manufactured with dual ultra-bright LED bulbs with a lifetime of over 100,000 hours to provide reliable illumination at the flick of a switch. The Skylight Mini Flashlight is also energy efficient and can provide up to more than 320 hours of service at the dimmest setting and more than 12 hours at brightest. All this comes from a single power source - a common 9V battery - which is also included! You'll appreciate certain features of the Rigel Systems Skylight Mini Flashlight. A handy neck cord is also included so your flashlight is always within reach. Unlike many competitor brands the Sky Lite Mini doesn't start out bright and fade away as the battery drains. Your amount of illumination is controlled by a thumb wheel and will stay at the setting you chose even as the battery ages. A positive switch keeps you from accidentally turning on the "white lights", yet gives you the option should you need it. This comes in especially handy if you drop a small part in the grass or wish to double check an observing area before leaving! Give the Rigel Systems - Skylite Mini Red & White LED a try... It will soon become a favorite! Rigel Systems Product Number: MINISKY
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